We offer a series of evidence-based workshops for a diverse set of participants (e.g., employees, leaders, volunteers, teams, partner groups). All of our workshops can be customized to suit the needs of our clients.  Length of workshops can be adjusted within ranges specified below.  Pricing of workshops will depend on length, number of session leaders needed, and number of participants.  Please contact us to discover how we can assist you.


2-6 hours

Ralph Gigliotti, a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, will provide an overview of the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment and will discuss ways of using the tool in your organization. Participants will have an opportunity to explore their top talents from the assessment, identify the strengths of others, and consider ways of leveraging these strengths in order to pursue shared objectives

Positive Approaches to Problematic People

2-4 hours

A confrontational conversation that goes downhill fast can destroy our equanimity, and be upsetting for the day or the week, possibly doing irreparable damage to workplace relationships. This interactive workshop is designed to provide practical strategies for coping with difficult individuals, whether clients, co-workers, or the general public.  Participants will learn how our behavior contributes to, or diffuses, difficult situations and practical strategies for recognizing and calming angry or stressed individuals.

Organizational Change

2-6 hours

In this workshop, participants will become familiar with effective tools, techniques, and orientations to implementing organizational change.  The workshop focuses on best evidence-based practices for introducing change, disseminating information, and soliciting input.  In longer workshops, session leaders will also explore the dynamics of resistance to change and frameworks for understanding it, coping with concerns, and developing positive relationships with those who resist change.

Collaborating with Partners and Frenemies

2-6 hours

We are often called to partner with other organizations.  Whether they be government, schools, nonprofits, or businesses, we can sometimes find ourselves in groups with individuals with different work styles, divergent goals, with unbalanced  resources, and/or have conflicted relationships.  This session overviews the key points that need to be discussed and decided at the start of successful collaborations and key success to ongoing partnering activity.  An evidence-based approach for successful collaboration will be introduced.

Crisis & Risk Leadership

2-6 hours

Organizations can face risk and crisis unexpectedly. This session explores the following questions: What constitutes a risky situation? What are the skills needed to best analyze risk? Which leadership competencies are most useful to adequately respond to risks and crises? In what ways should the mission of the group or organization guide leadership behaviors during risks and crises? This session will provide participants with an opportunity to practice developing initial responses to high-risk situations in a way that considers the diverse needs and interests of their various stakeholders.

Time Management

1-2 hours

Feeling overwhelmed by deadlines as well as pressure from the many different demands on your time?  Many of us feel stressed by the need to multi-task, to keep up-to-date, and to manage tight schedules.  There never seems to be enough time to get everything done on time. How can you work more efficiently and effectively and feel in control of your time?  Will you ever see the top of your desk again? This interactive workshop will provide practical strategies for gaining control of your time and setting priorities.

Designing Organizations to Listen

2-4 hours

In this workshop, participants will take stock of their own organization, work group, team, and individual ability to listen.  We often think we are better listeners than we are, and organizations are often not well designed to be effective in listening to internal and external stakeholders. In this session  we introduce evidence-based practices for organizational listening policy, activity, and structures. Participants will develop a plan to review and improve their own listening and the listening of their organization.

Agree to Disagree: Handling Conflict

2-4 hours

This interactive workshop introduces strategies for handling confrontational or emotionally-charged conversations. Participants learn to reframe conflict as a conversation in which the goal is to build relationships. Mastery of this approach enables us to become curious about other points of view. This is an important strategic skill. Participants will become acquainted with a positive vision for framing difficult conversations, practical strategies to avert potential disasters, and new awareness and increased skill level for handling confrontational encounters.

Enhancing Public Speaking Skills

2-6 hours

Leadership across all sectors requires one to address groups in both in-person and mediated settings. During this session, leaders will discuss common sources of anxiety related to the act of public speaking. Participants will learn how to cope with their anxieties and will learn a variety of strategies for improving their public speaking skills. Finally, depending on the length of the session, participants will have an opportunity to prepare, deliver, and receive feedback on mock “elevator speeches

Custom Workshop

Need something custom?  Coping with a specific communication dynamic, problem, or issue?  We can design a workshop just for your focus area.  Contact us to describe your needs, participants, and available resources, and we'll work with you to develop a program that best meets your goals.