Selected Clients

New York Public Library

Habitat for Humanity, Texas State Support Organization

Parker Home, Piscataway NJ

New Jersey Economic Development Authority, Trenton, NJ

Brooklyn Public Library

Sharing Network – Springfield, NJ

Princeton Public Library

CDC Center for Global Health, Atlanta, GA

New York University Library


USAID, Washington D.C.

Austin’s Community Action Network, Austin, TX        

Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Austin, TX


Shea Homes for Active Adults, Scottsdale, AZ


Laurie Lewis presents a compelling case for companies to step back and reexamine their approach to managing effective communications in times of significant change, be it in reorganization or a merger/acquisition.   She will help senior leaders understand the need to encourage - even embrace - dissenters in an organization in order to learn how to adjust the communications approach or even the decision itself.  Laurie has expertise in the art of true listening - another skill critical to managing major changes in an organization.  She offers communicators practical tools and ideas for advancing engagement and acceptance of change that, ultimately, builds employee commitment and improves bottom line results.  Her research and data back up her impressive tool kit.    

Jan Botz, Program Director 

The Conference Board 


Marie Radford's classes at Rutgers were my favorite so I was especially grateful to bring her vibrant, informed perspective to the Montclair Public Library. Her sessions on change and teamwork helped us to explore -- and implement -- better ways of working together. Because her workshops are so relevant and inclusive, we were able to make major strides forward almost immediately. I really appreciate her knowledge about all aspects of libraries and her genuine affection for libraries and librarians.

Janet Torsney, Assistant Director,

Montclair Public Library, NJ